Fees Estimates

Flat rates make everyone happy

Nobody likes surprise bills, and that’s why most of the work performed at Diament Patent Law is done on a flat rate basis, agreed upon before any work is done. Since every matter is different, the rates listed below are estimates, but typical of the fees that are charged. Please inquire about your particular situation to get a quote. Below are several of the commonly requested services provided by Diament Patent Law, but other services are available. Use the contact button or click above to call for a free initial strategy session.


  • U.S. Provisional Patent Application: ~$1,000 (inventor provides full written description, and sketches/photos)

  • U.S. Non-Provisional (Regular) Patent Application:

    • ~$5,500 (minimal complexity, e.g. tie clip)

    • ~$7,500 (medium complexity, e.g. automobile parts)

    • ~$9,500+ (high complexity, e.g. chemicals, drugs, electro-mechanical system)

  • PCT (International) Patent Applications: increase of ~$2,500 compared U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application due to increased filing fees

  • Design Patent Applications: ~$2,000 - ~$3,000 (simple, one embodiment)

  • Patentability Search and Opinion: ~$1,500 (basic complexity) - ~$2,500 (complexity)

  • Patentability Search without Opinion: ~$950

  • Freedom to Operate Opinion: ~$6,000 (simple invention)

  • Typical Response to Office Action (Patent Rejection): ~$2,000 - ~$3,000

  • Filing U.S. patent application from foreign application: ~$2,000 (plus filing fees)

  • Handling foreign national stage applications from U.S./PCT application: ~$1,200 (not including translations, foreign filing fees, certified copies, and other expenses


  • Trademark registration: $470 (Generally there is a government fee of $225, for a total of $695 per mark, per class; discounts for multiple classes or multiple marks)

  • Trademark registration search and registerability opinion: ~$750+ (cost depends whether U.S., state, common law, international searches and opinions are requested; costs are generally lower if only interested in a U.S. federal trademark search)

  • Trademark Prosecution (responding to rejections): ~$700+

  • Trademark Section 8 and 15 Declaration: ~$595 (per mark, per class - discounts for multiple classes or multiple marks)

  • Madrid Protocol Application: ~$1,500 - ~$2,500


  • Copyright Registration: $295 per work (includes application, filing fee, and consult)

Hourly rate

  • $400/per hour (subject to change) plus actual costs

*Fees include government filing costs based on small entity status (companies less than 500 employees). Additional costs if a large entity. Costs include a reasonable number of professional patent drawings (about 4-6), and there will be additional costs if more drawings are required to fully disclose your invention (typically about $50 per extra drawing). Patents fees include up to 3 independent claims and 20 total claims. Details will be discussed before moving forward with any matter.

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