Patent Drafting

Diament Patent Law will take your invention from just an idea in your head and turn it into a provisional patent application, a non-provisional patent application, a PCT (international) patent application, or a design patent application, depending on what your needs are.

Legal Opinions

There are many types of legal opinions you may require. The two most common are patentability opinions and freedom to operate opinions. Diament Patent Law will give you an honest assessment on the likelihood that your invention will receive a patent and will also provide an opinion regarding whether your product will infringe another’s patent. Diament Patent Law will also perform landscape opinions, clearance searches, knockout searches and many.

Trademark Registration

Diament Patent Law prepares and submits trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and will also do a trademark search to determine the likelihood that your mark will get allowed. Diament Patent Law will also determine whether or not it is likely you are infringing someone else’s trademark.

Copyright Registration

Diament Patent Law will prepare and submit copyright registration to protect product manuals, books, art, and your other creative ideas that are in a tangible medium.

Business Strategy

Learn what steps you should take with your intellectual property when you start up your business, or you already have an established business and would like to improve how you handle your intellectual property.


Diament Patent Law works with several litigation firms should someone infringe your intellectual property.